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Home of the best solutions in Customer eXperience in the automotive sector. When your dealership wants to raise, achieve and exceed the customers expectations of the vehicle sale and handover journey, look no further than CX Auto Group of companies, products and partners.

Customer eXperience as a Service
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CX helps our clients deliver the perfect vehicle handover experience.

CX Auto Group provide full service solutions incorporating AirShroud Car reveal solution, IPADs and bespoke controller software and solutions, including DMX and digital signage solutions. Including training, maintenance, services and any other complementary technologies & services that dealership require as part of their Customer Experience and Handover bay solutions. The CX Auto Group team includes the market leaders in technology and IT within the car industry with key members from the development and launch of the AirShroud reveal system to the Car industry over the last 2 years.

With over 350 dealerships in the UK alone using the reveal system there needed to be further development of technology and other related technical advances to further enhance the customer hand over and launch reveal of vehicles in the automotive industry.

CX Auto Group are the exclusive Global Distributors of the AirShroud Reveal System


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